I drift upon the ocean
waves swelling slowly
the sky falls upon me
to ascend once more
tide of the heavens
mirroring the tide below.

wavesThe bleached gulls dip and soar
to the undulating rhythm
of aquamarine waves rolling endlessly
a ship follows the sea lanes
to pass in silent grace
behind the door of the horizon.

I am open,
wide open,
immense in that one small moment
to the wind in my hair
the salt upon my lips
the falling cries of the gulls
the table of blue sky above
the broad waves bearing me
upon their watery bed.

I fall into the world
lone wave upon the white shore
to arise in bright laughter
as I come into your waiting arms
wide open to your endless love
immense as the ocean
in that one small moment.

© 2/15/95 DAI