The Waters

waters and the memories fall upon me, cascading…

the richness and utter beauty of the waters…

when you are a partner upon a boat you learn its moves, its sounds, its smells…you become intimate with it…and you move as one upon the waves and when you are one the magic begins…for you hold the ropes in your hands and feel the water…your legs adapt and move with each motion, your eyes rise to the horizon and you scan all around you ~~ wide, open, aware, free, never taking anything for granted, respecting the power below and above you. the wind whips your hair and lays kisses of salt upon your eyelashes, each pore open to what it gives and you absorb it in and then come home smelling of its essence. and take joy in such a seemingly simple aroma.

the boat makes noises…talking to you…and you listen…for out there you always listen to everything…and the vastness causes you to listen within….and then you hear so much more, more than you ever expected.

the water makes sounds….speaking with you…and you listen…because it soothes and teaches and opens you further to what you already are in your heart and soul…sometimes surprising in what it brings you…and you smile all the time there because you’re helpless before what is so grand and terrible and your own heart staring back at you.

the wind sings to you…each movement a caress…and you lean into it like a lover…you crave its next movement…you desire its song…because it lifts you out of yourself and brings you to heights where you can finally See….

ahhh…upon the waters at night….if the water gifts you stillness, then the boat only moves slightly…and the noises become sighs….and the salt ever lingers upon the air…and you sleep the most peaceful sleep.

but the waters can be a stern taskmaster….whipping into frenzies of power we cannot ere overcome…and we can only come to do our best…working with the boat as closely as a lover, working with the movements of water and wind….for there, upon the water, is ever its ally and enemy, the wind. and you struggle and burn…and you do your best…and pray that water and wind will be your salvation not your destruction. and if not the water, the sun…ah…from another direction comes such testing, such brightness.

dawn comes…and the sun comes over the horizon and you wake, sleepy still…but still in tune with the water and the boat…and the salt still stings your eyes..and you think of coffee and a hearty breakfast to keep you strong through the day. you brush back your hair, and eye the horizon, as ever watchful you should be. clouds scudding overhead, fish dancing below, raising anchor and moving onward to your next desire.

lovers you kiss the beloved, and ensure all is well…and you praise the heavens and the waters and the winds for one more night of survival upon such a place…and you talk to the boat and tell her she’s been a lovely lady and would she carry us onward….and so you move with the currents…

and your joy is so intense you can only smile over and over….and the wind kisses you with salt and the waves carry your joy unto the universe and the heavens above….

soul ever upon the waters…under the sun and moon and stars, feeling the winds…one with the boat…brushes her hair back and eyes the horizon….

©2005 DAI