Star Crystal

starcrystalfrom when I lived in the Keys…

My haven from the world and the horrid Florida Keys I live in is my tiny bedroom. But, hey, at least it has two windows which look out on some tropical trees, jigsaw pieces of blue sky and the raggy mobile home next door. In the late afternoon the sun comes pouring in like a waterfall. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming. And, my desk is right below the one window on the right. So, there I am trying to concentrate on reading an article online and this sunlight is beaming down on me, turning me into golden glimmers. I look up and see hanging from the window my wooden crescent moon with the teardrop crystal hanging in the center. The sun shoots into the crystal and shoots out prisms all over my walls, my body, my brain. Light! Color! Light! It is all too much so I reach up and pull down the shade. But the sun is stronger than some simple thin white shade. Transforming itself into a little star it shines through the crystal whitely.

I stop thinking about what is too much. I stop wondering why I live in the Keys. I forget the article I was reading. I move into some warping of the tapestry of time and can only see a star shining in my window. I reach up and touch it with one finger, rapt in the glory of the moment. I touch the star, I touch the sun, I touch the heart of my beloved, I touch wonder and life and the divine.

When I look at the crystal now I don’t see just a piece of faceted glass. I see more and more deeply and clearly. I see that one simple movement can create ripples throughout my life, throughout the universe, because when I touched the star, touched that white wonder….it touched me right back.