Astra on a Mission

I’m there and in the midst of the whole shebang without time for questions or kickin’ the Colonel’s tush. No  wonder he wanted me along on the mission, my specialty being utmost silent recon and kick-ass where and when necessary, and doing a rather neat and quiet job of it. Thank whatever Gods there might be that at least Kir was part of the mission. He and I had worked together before as a superb team. A moment for a sigh, and then no time for self-indulgence. There was no question this was already FUBAR from the start! I glanced around at the chaos, and realized it wouldn’t be rectified easily. Damn the Colonel for bringing me into this mess! I shouted out, “Everyone, move NOW! NOWWWWWW!”

I roughly began shoving folks back towards the portal, but it was like herding sheep or herding slippery eel. As I grabbed arms and pushed and heaved, I wondered if this was just another nightmare drawn from the darkness of my soul. The poor beginning didn’t bode well at all for any of us.

Stowing my Beretta reluctantly, I feared some damned fool would run right into it and I’d fire instinctively at the pressure, I pulled out my Colt M16 assault rifle with a grunt of anger, and silently recalled the amount of ammo I carried. One quick burst at the sky and there was no question from the sheep of listening to the dark-eyed bellowing demoness in black. I backed up as quickly as I could, hands gripping it like a long-lost lover. Eyes roamed the perimeter, and the sheep hovering behind me. Nothing around. Nothing moving. Just sound and fury at a distance. Sweat dripping to the tune of the humidity in the air. Some crazy bird singing a freak chorus to the far-off gunfire.

Jinx and her team were still an unknown…but I knew I’d be goddamned if some unknown, civ or non-civ or creature? would take me out. I looked back and saw all the civ’s huddling by the portal. Now what the hell were we supposed to do? We can’t hole up here forever. We need water and a more defensible position. Looks like home ain’t gonna be our next stop any time soon!

I didn’t take a single second to think about our “easy” way out. Wasn’t time. And my trigger finger was just itching for a target and some wildness. A fierce grin of exultation probably made me look like a madwoman. But this was actually rather fun, and amusing in some twisted way after my quiet year-long hiatus at the ranch.

But, no sign of Jinx. And the rattled air was jittering too thickly to think much through it with any coherence. Something was going to happen, whether I wanted it to or not. I patted one of my hidden knives by habit. Then I hefted the rifle in a simple natural movement, adjusted to its weight, primed myself for action, and looked at the Colonel with a wry glance…


my vision of Astra

Colt M16

Astra’s weapon of choice

{from the Stargate-based roleplay I participated in at AncientWorlds}