Down to the final stretch of 2017

Trying to finish out the year without losing it!

….which is a good thing cos 2017 has been a one hell of a year. There’s just so much going on and I’m trying to stay focused, organized, and calm while its all going on. Work has been a killer on and off and I’ve been more and more unhappy with it. I finally got back to working on my Celestial Realms biz and that one I’m super happy about. (but, oh! all the work to do to get it up to par!!)

essential oilsI also signed up as a doTerra Wellness Advocate because I really admire the awesome lady I signed up under (Leonie Dawson) and because I believe it will be a great biz for me given the compensation plan and the superb quality of the products — essential oils, personal/skin care, and wellness supplements — right down my alley! Still….lots of work to get that ramped up and I’ve been on the steep learning curve for a couple of months now with that project. If you love essential oils, please join my Facebook group and I can share with you!

When I can I stop in and visit with my Mom, or try to do a bit of crafting (crochet, draw, etc.) or just hang out with my hubby. My daughter is getting married and is off in England at this time. I’m sooooo happy for her! My son is trying to get it together so not sure how that’s going. I do miss seeing my granddaughter. *sad face*

Going back to my goals — stay organized, focused, and calm.

  • Organized — I’m using the MAMBI planners for this. Just got a new classic for my businesses and use the Big for Life and Work. These are frikkin’ Life Savers!
  • Focused — Diffusing my essential oils — Balance, Motivate, Citrus Bliss
  • Calm — Meditating or just stopping doing ANYTHING for 10-15 minutes, listen to some psychill on Soundcloud; diffusing Frankincense, Lavender, Peace

Overall, its been working cos, hell, I haven’t lost it YET! *lol*

I have two four-day weekends coming up for the holidays so that will help a lot.

Stay fresh and frosty and sparkly….come find me in Facebook and friend me up. Always good to make new friends!

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